The Little Book of Calm and Peace


Heartfelt Quotes & Coloring Mandalas

The Little Book of Calm and Peace is a quote book and a mandala book all rolled into one!  Heartfelt, inspiring quotes and coloring mandalas offer great meditative benefits during stressful times.  Difficult times are often wrought with an overwhelming busyness intertwined with moments of sadness or loneliness.  They leave us little time to process and nourish our souls. We have created this unique book as a therapeutic meditation that can help quiet our minds, reduce stress, and offer us a renewed sense of hope and comfort.

The Benefits of Quotes

Who doesn’t love a great quote? Meaningful quotes can inspire, motivate, comfort and reassure us during difficult times. They give us the opportunity to reflect upon our current circumstances and can make us more hopeful about the present or future.

“Nothing in life is to be feared, it is only to be understood.
Now is the time to understand more, so that we may fear less.” 
- Marie Curie

Often providing a universal message, quotes can resonate and enlighten us. 

Many of the issues we come across in our lives have been experienced by many others and make us realize that we are not alone. These words show us that many others have known pain, sadness, suffering, loneliness, hope, gratitude, elation and love of their own. Quotes can be very powerful and can unlock many insights about one’s values and beliefs.

The Little Book of Calm and Peace offers positive encouragement through the wise thoughts and teachings of brilliant thinkers. If you take the time to read them, they can help bring us a sense of comfort and solace.

Because quotes are often concise, they can be memorized and used as mantras to help us focus on our goals and improve our current state of mind. They can help us spring into action by motivating us to keep moving forward, to live our best lives, and inspire a better understanding of the greater meaning of life. 

The Benefits of Coloring Mandalas

Do you remember seeing a child intensely focused and happily coloring away for hours?  Most of us used to be that child - excited to see our masterpieces come to life.  Coloring is universal and can be done by almost anyone, anywhere.  It has the therapeutic potential to bring about more mindfulness by allowing the brain to switch off those inner voices or negative thoughts. It engenders mental focus and can reduce anxiety.   

Intricate mandala patterns such as those found in The Little Book of Calm and Peace are especially useful for those feeling exhausted and overwhelmed by life.  Mandalas take away the burden of deciding what to create and turn off our inner self-critics, allowing the meditative coloring process to take over. As coloring mandalas have become a growing and popular trend, scientific researchers and art therapists have been able to demonstrate the calming benefits of coloring mandalas. It is an alternative to meditation and a great way to alleviate stress.

How to Get Started

When opening a page of The Little Book of Calm and Peace, you will notice that each quote is paired with a mandala.  Either randomly open-up a page and be surprised by where you land or choose a page that ‘speaks’ to you - whether it is a quote that inspires you or a mandala design that draws your eye. With 38 different quotes and mandalas, there are plenty of options to choose from. 

Spend a moment to slowly read the quote you’ve landed on. Take your time and let it sink in. Read it again and see if it resonates with you. When doing so, ask yourself why does it resonate? Does the quote pertain to you and your current or past situation? How do those wise words make you feel and do they inspire you to act or think differently?  Do they make you want to hold on or let go of something or someone? Do they give you pause and make you feel grateful for what you have and laud your strength and resilience, considering all that you’ve already been through? As you reflect on these quotes, they might take the focus off your current sadness and hardship and give you a sense of gratitude for life and what is in store for you.  Be kind to yourself and use these wise words to let you appreciate the moment you’re in. Feel the calmness surrounding you and how quiet your mind has become. This moment is for you and no one else. Embrace it. Love yourself for doing this for you. No one, but you.

Now that you have found the page that draws your attention, pick up one of the colorful markers included in this set (or any medium you prefer) and begin to fill in the blank spaces. Make the mandala your own with your own sense of aesthetics and uncover the joyful creation you’re the author of. You will soon come to realize that this therapeutic process has a great many health benefits, both for your mental and physical well being. You will likely feel restored and calmer once you’re done.

Enjoy and color to your heart’s content!