"The Good Grief Wellness Basket was a great score! I had ordered for a friend that had been under a lot of stress recently. My friend received, and said,"it was the best!" We laughed over the fact that she used the bath salts immediately, and she had already colored out one of the "mandalas." Great and different idea for a friend that may have some hard times to face, or for oneself!"

Monica, Amazon buyer


"I was extremely happy to find something other than flowers or a sympathy card to send to my grieving friends.  When there is such sadness, this brought a smile – the loss of a loved one, regardless if you are expecting it or not, truly has no boundaries.  The feedback I received was how much the gesture of this simple gift bringing comfort, a wonderful achievement!   I am sure there are things that you could include in this miracle box, but sometimes just simple is best.

I recommend this to anyone and everyone – it is a PERFECT gift!"

Clarice B.


"My friend’s aunt died. I wasn’t sure what to do or get her. She is somewhat sensitive to smells so I didn’t really want to get her flowers. I wasn’t sure what else would be appropriate for me to give. Since I know it can be pretty devastating and incapacitating for someone to lose a loved one, I wanted to get her something to help support her mentally and physically. I’m a naturopathic doctor and learned that physiologically, grief can affect oxytocin and dopamine levels.  The grief box was a fortuitous find. It provides a mix of items and activities to help support oxytocin and dopamine levels which should theoretically help people deal with the pains of grief a little better. My friend said she loved it and thought a few things in the box helped her considerably."

Amanda L.


 "When my college roommate's father passed away, I wanted to do something different -- something to reflect our close friendship over the decades and that offered a more personal expression of my condolences. The Perfect Friends sympathy box was the perfect way to let her know how much I cared. She texted me immediately after she received it to tell me how amazing and thoughtful the basket was."

Karen B.


"A very close friend out of town lost her dog recently (who we all loved!) and I wanted something different than the traditional flowers and such to let her know I was thinking about her.  It’s hard when you don’t live in the same city and can’t give in-person hugs.  This box was just the thing!  She loved the thoughtfulness and how it was different, and we both were happy with the natural products.  Yay for good grief!"
Danielle P.



"I sent it to someone I really don’t know.  She is the wife of a former business school classmate who was in a horrible airplane accident (he was the pilot) and is in very critical condition. I felt very comfortable sending it in this situation because it was clearly not just intended for someone that had just passed away.  Although I admit that I was concerned that the name “Good Grief” would make seem as though I assumed he had or would pass away.   I don’t know if she valued that it was natural products but I felt very confident in sending it because it was clear that there was a lot of thought and care in terms of the items included.  All natural products suggests that the items were carefully selected.  She responded immediately upon receipt of the basked and thanked me.  She said she really appreciated the book and some of the thoughts it contained. 
One suggestion I have for improvement is that when I ordered it, there was a picture of the basket but I could not find any detailed description of the contents.  Perhaps I just missed a button or link but I was looking for it. And could not find it."
Susan B.
Thank you, Susan, for your feedback.  We have made the changes accordingly on our website and you can find all the details of "What's in the Box" here.

~Perfect Friends